Chair Exercise:  Partnering with AHOY (Add Health on Years), Ms. Jane Pacenta leads the clients in chair exercise each Tuesday morning from 9:00am-10:00am.

Inspirational Book Club: For those who love to read and enjoy a great book of hope, The Blind Center offers an Inspirational Book Club for the clients to engage in some of the newest books that will bring joy to the heart and hope to the soul!

Crafting Classes: An opportunity for the blind and visually impaired to explore their creative side and learn how to make unique pieces of art, jewelry, candles, decoupage and more!  All of the items that are created by the blind and visually impaired are proudly displayed in our Gift Shoppe and available for purchase!  These beautiful items make the perfect, handmade gift for the loved ones in your life!  All proceeds directly support the clients that we serve daily.

Chair Caning Apprenticeship:  For those who have chairs at home that need to be refinished through chair caning, The Blind Center can meet this need for you!  Master craftsmen serve alongside the clients, providing instruction and guidance through this art.  The finished products are absolutely gorgeous and not only provide families with a quality heirloom to cherish for years to come, but also leaves the handprint of the blind and visually impaired clients who have diligently served to complete the task.

Basket Weaving Classes: Each Wednesday, the clients enjoy a personalized basket weaving class.  While some create baskets for family members or to gift to others, many are made to display for purchase in our Gift Shoppe.  One of our favorite characteristics of these handmade, beautiful baskets is the name of the client who made it can be found on the bottom of each basket. Not only do you purchase a handmade gift, you have the name of the client who crafted this special treasure!

Music Enrichment: The Blind Center seeks to offer as many fun and enriching opportunities for the blind and visually impaired clients that we serve daily!  A new partnership with Covenant Church in Washington has extended us with the opportunity of having Music Enrichment with Pastor Scott Bircher each Thursday morning from 10:00am-10:30am.  This is certainly one of the favorite client programs!

Creative Writing: With the request from a client who loves to write poetry and short stories, The Blind Center has recently partnered with the Pamlico Writers Guild to offer Creative Writing Workshops at The Blind Center.  This unique experience provides the clients with the opportunity to continue capturing their thoughts on to paper, despite their low vision.

Recreational Opportunities: In addition to the extensive programs and classes that are offered at The Blind Center, we seek to provide the clients with recreational fun such as corn hole, trivia, Bingo, Monopoly, as well as group outings to Bowling, the NC Life and Science Museum, The Rocky Hock Theatre and more!

Meet Our Staff

Christie Moler, Director
Christie started officially working at The Blind Center in May 2018 but she was acquainted with the center for MANY years before being hired. When Christie was in grade school, and before there were actual Blind Center buildings, her mother, Sally Moler, was the program director. Christie took the school bus to wherever the group was meeting. (One client used to pay Christie a quarter to do the craft each week!)
In 1988, Christie’s family moved to Belgium where her father worked for the U.S. Army. She graduated from high school and began undergrad classes at a University of Maryland campus in Munich, Germany. Christie returned to the U.S. in 1992 and finished her undergrad degree in Health and Human Services at the State University of NY – Buffalo. She then moved to Texas to work at a therapeutic wilderness camp.
Christie and her parents returned to Little Washington in 1997. Since 1998, Christie has been a volunteer at Blind Center events. She sold A LOT of raffle tickets over the years! She also obtained a graduate degree from Regent University, taught at Colorado Christian University, and worked in the counseling and non-profit fields in Washington. Her overall goal for The Blind Center is to create an environment where people who are visually impaired gain independent living skills and are supported by their community.

Jennifer Sullivan, Assistant Director

Jennifer Sullivan started working as Assistant Director of The Blind Center in June 2018. She is an Eastern North Carolina native, born in Goldsboro and reared in Beaufort County since third grade. She graduated from Washington High School in 1990 and went on to earn an undergraduate degree in chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1994. She has also done graduate work in that area. She has always enjoyed writing and is in charge of creating The Blind Center Newsletter every quarter among her other responsibilities.

In addition to rearing her two teenagers, Jennifer enjoys volunteering, participating in church activities, and running/walking. She is on the volunteer leadership team at Ruth’s House Antique Shop here in town, a non-profit that donates proceeds from the store sales to the local Ruth’s House domestic violence shelter. She regularly attends services and Bible study at First Presbyterian Church, Washington NC.

She has lived in Chicago, Washington DC, and Richmond before returning to her hometown in 2007. She aims to learn as much as she can from her experience at The Blind Center about enriching the lives of the underprivileged, disabled and visually impaired.


  • Precision Eye Care, Washington NC
  • My Eye Dr, Washington NC
  • Division of Social Services for the Blind
  • Lion’s Club
  • East Carolina University
  • New Eyes for the Needy
  • Marvel Optics
  • Beaufort County Health Department
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Beaufort Area Transit System
  • UniversityPCCare
  • Pamlico Writer’s Guild
  • Pitt Resource Connection
  • Beaufort County Non-Profits
  • The Disability Advocacy & Resource Center
  • Governor Morehead School for the Blind
  • Mid-East Commission for the Aging