My name is Megan H. and I’m an intern at The Blind Center. I attend Beaufort County Community College, studying for a Human Services degree. I did an interview with one of the clients to get an idea of what it’s like to go blind. Every client has his or her own story about what it’s like being blind and how he or she went blind. I really enjoyed listening to what Doris had to say when I interviewed her recently.

Around 14 years ago Doris became blind. It was one of those things that happened suddenly. It was a hard change for her because it was like she had to start life all over again She had to relearn to do many things such as take a shower and how to brush and floss her teeth. Becoming blind wasn’t a good feeling for her. She would’ve rather been born blind than to go blind like she did. Her husband used to buy clothes for her as well as put them together for her each day and now her son helps her. Doris found it hard to walk with a cane and prefers not to walk with one if she doesn’t have to. She would rather hold onto someone to move around. She enjoyed doing yard work and mowing the grass and wishes she still could. The more she does things, the easier they get for her.

Doris enjoys coming to The Blind Center and says “it’s the place to be.” She enjoys the people here and feels like they motivate her. She loves to listen to other clients’ conversations. She hears about the things they do and says to herself “if they can do it, then so can I.” She loves being around people who motivate her.

At the Center she has made plenty of crafts such as baskets and wreaths. She also enjoys playing BINGO with other clients. She would like more people who are blind or visually impaired to come to the Center. She has tried to get the word out to the people she knows whose vision isn’t too well.

Doris would like to find more things that could benefit her life whether it’s technology or something else. She tried to learn Braille and said, “It’s like a brain twister for me.” She wouldn’t  mind trying to pick it up again though. Overall, she feels being blind has its advantages and disadvantages. In her words, “It’s all bout what you make of it.” Doris tries to be a happy person all the time and it shows. Every time she’s at the Center, she is in a good mood and friendly to every one. The one thing that being blind did not take away from her is her good-natured attitude.

–Megan H.