Christie Moler, Director
Christie started officially working at The Blind Center in May 2018 but she was acquainted with the center for MANY years before being hired. When Christie was in grade school, and before there were actual Blind Center buildings, her mother, Sally Moler, was the program director. Christie took the school bus to wherever the group was meeting. (One client used to pay Christie a quarter to do the craft each week!)

In 1988, Christie’s family moved to Belgium where her father worked for the U.S. Army. She graduated from high school and began undergrad classes at a University of Maryland campus in Munich, Germany. Christie returned to the U.S. in 1992 and finished her undergrad degree in Health and Human Services at the State University of NY – Buffalo. She then moved to Texas to work at a therapeutic wilderness camp.

Christie and her parents returned to Little Washington in 1997. Since 1998, Christie has been a volunteer at Blind Center events. She sold A LOT of raffle tickets over the years! She also obtained a graduate degree from Regent University, taught at Colorado Christian University, and worked in the counseling and non-profit fields in Washington. Her overall goal for The Blind Center is to create an environment where people who are visually impaired gain independent living skills and are supported by their community.