Jim Davenport, Longtime Vendor of the Kris Kringle Craft Show

Jim Davenport has attended every Kris Kringle Craft Show since it began fifteen years ago. He became involved with the Blind Center through previous employment where he worked in the textile industry that made craft yarn. The company he worked for gave their excess yarn to the Blind Center. Customers of his previous employment often used the excess yarn to make things for the Blind Center’s Gift Shoppe. Jim said he had the pleasure of administering this process.

Jim started making jewelry to sell at the Kris Kringle Craft Show because he needed an outlet. He had an excess of supplies and figured there was no better place to sell the items made from those supplies than the friendly atmosphere at the Blind Center.

The main thing that he wants people to know is how fulfilling it is to be involved with the Blind Center, particularly at the Kris Kringle Craft Show. Whether you are helping with set-up, parking, or even making jewelry, he knows that this non-profit is one of the greatest ways you can choose to spend your time and energy.

Cathy Windley, Faithful Vendor and Attendee of the Kris Kringle Craft Show

Cathy Windley has also been a faithful attendee and vendor at the Kris Kringle Craft Show for the past fifteen years. She found out about the Blind Center when her mother-in-law lost her sight in one eye when she was around eighty years old. Losing her sight was extremely detrimental, as she was an avid reader.

However, the Blind Center had a projecting machine that allowed Cathy’s mother-in-law to continue to read. Cathy’s mother-in-law borrowed the projecting machine so she could continue to do what she loved, despite losing her sight.

She says that “it is only right to return the favor.”

Cathy also believes that there is “nothing that you could do that would give you a better sense of completeness, self-fulfillment, and overall internal joy.” She desires that those supportive of the Blind Center “always show up to the craft show and give an annual donation. The Blind Center is one of two centers in NC that reaches out to a lot of neighboring counties. Now they even help kids that are losing their sight.”

The Blind Center actively helps all ages. We need support financially and with volunteer hours. As Cathy put it, we are one of the “most worthy of nonprofits in the area.”

Join us for the Kris Kringle Craft Show at The Blind Center Dec. 7th & 8th, 12pm-6pm & 9am-3pm.