The Blind Center is currently in need of volunteers. The center has several opportunities available for individuals to get involved. The center is in need of:

Client Pick-up/Drop-off Drivers: We are looking for safe drivers who are available to assist the Blind Center by providing transportation to our clients who are unable to utilize other area transport systems. This opportunity provides volunteers with the flexibility to sign up to either pick up or drop off clients from Tuesday-Thursday. You are not expected to provide transportation everyday by signing up, we will help coordinate times for when you are available.

Administrative Help:Individuals are needed to help administrators with everyday activities necessary to keep the Blind Center up and running. This position is for the volunteer who love giving back to the community, creating and distributing flyers, marketing and promotion.

Provide Lunches:Assist the center in preparing and serving nutritional lunches for 10 to 15 clients each week for Tuesday and Wednesday. Lunches do not have to be extravagant. Bag lunches or easily prepared meals will suffice.

Arts and Crafts:If you are skilled in DIY artwork creation, basket weaving, jewelry design, and creating budget-friendly crafts we would love to have you! This position can give you the opportunity to work directly with Blind Center clients. You would help in assisting the blind and other volunteers in these activities to provide crafts to sell in our Gift Shoppe.

Fundraisers:Those who have an interest in event planning can be very helpful to us for our various events throughout the year. We have several events during the year in an attempt to raise money for The Blind Center and having volunteers to help us organize these events is very beneficial for our noble cause.

Building and Yard Maintenance:In an attempt to keep our costs low, it would be very beneficial to have our facility maintenance done on a volunteer basis. Anyone with contracting or landscaping experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support and help in sharing all of the events of The Blind Center. It truly makes a difference to the blind and visually impaired community that we serve daily! To learn more visit

Interested in helping out? Check out our calendar of events!

Upcoming Events

November 10: Cypress Glen Craft Show

December 7 & 8: Kris Kringle Craft Show

February 1:Concert in the Dark (Call for tickets, 252-946-6208)

Every 3rd Thursday:Assistive Technology Classes

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